Mike Veach Bourbon Academy: Charlotte

Join us Saturday, February 23rd as we welcome Mike Veach to The Crunkleton in Charlotte. Mike brings his esteemed Bourbon Academy to us for a day of learning and tasting. The Bourbon Academy runs from 9:30AM to 3:30PM. Lunch is included, featuring Zach Goodyear’s whole-hog BBQ. Participants of the Bourbon Academy receive a copy of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage and a certificate of completion.

From Louisville, KY, Mike Veach has pretty much spent his adult life pontificating on the ins, outs, and what have you’s of Bourbon Whiskey. Mike is the world authority on the subject of Kentucky Bourbon. It has often been said that he probably knows more about the subject than all of the bourbon master distillers put together. If you asked him about his successes, he would politely comment that he is simply following his passion. In 2006, after dedicating his professional career to the distilling industry, Mike was inducted into The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame as an historian and author.

Tickets for this event are $290 per person with limited seating up to 35 guests. You must be a member of The Crunkleton Charlotte to attend. This is an all-day event that will push your bourbon knowledge, challenge your palates, and leave you much more informed and capable as a bourbon lover. This one-day Bourbon Academy will begin with the origins of bourbon and end with a blind tasting and graduation. Sessions in between will cover 19th and 20th century whiskey, single barrel and small batch bourbons, prohibition, and the current state of bourbon.

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